• BARCELONA Biomolecular Ocean Observation Declaration
    As a Decade Implementing Partner and lead organisation for the OBON Decade Programme, POGO, together with associated stakeholders, calls on world leaders, funders, industry, scientists and civil society organisations present at the UN Ocean Decade Conference, to adopt measures individually and collectively to sustain and greatly expand biomolecular ocean observations globally, to provide a basis for understanding current and future changes in biodiversity for the ultimate protection and restoration of our marine ecosystems.
  • New Genetic Tools Have Dramatically Changed Wildlife Conservation
    To survey the planet’s vast biodicersity, some scientists are banking on environmental DNA, robots, and more. Around the world, scientists like biologist Andy Hubbard are increasingly turning to eDNA to detect species from discarded bits of skin, scales, and mucus in water, soil, and air. In the field of conservation research, theā€¦ Read more: New Genetic Tools Have Dramatically Changed Wildlife Conservation


Marine Microbiome

We are on the threshold of a new and exciting era of discovery in the oceans that will shape the development of human endeavors for decades to come.

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