Teach your children about microbiomes

Have fun with the microbes created by the Icelandic illustrator Ran Flygenring


The Marine Microbiome - Quiz

The marine microbiome is one of the largest microbiomes on the planet.
The microbes play a central role in the energy generation of the earth – through photosynthesis at the surface and chemosynthesis in darker ocean depths. The ocean harbours hugely diverse, but largely unknown microbes. Unlocking the genetic code of marine microbes can have an enormous functional potential for human, animal and plant disease treatment and the understanding of climate change.

What’s happening deep into the ocean? Do you know if microbes can survive there? 


Why do we care about microbiomes?

Shawn Robinson, Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Beautiful Microbiome

Although microbes are invisible to the human eye, these small creatures are considered a hidden treasure for human society. ​

See how a cooperation in science and art is presenting the microbiomes. This is certainly beautiful.

This video is a collaboration of the scientists Henk Bolhuis and Michele Grego and the artist Wim van Egmond.